Modular Press is now live

February 21, 2019

We are now publishing and distributing digital texts.

After years of planning and experimenting we are finally online and distributing digital texts. The site is still in "rough draft" mode but we wanted to put something up for people to see. We have two sites: this one which is for explanations and shopping; while is the site for students to access and read the texts, and for teachers to publish their materials.

Our goal is to create a platform that provides students with inexpensive and digitally optimized reading experiences. Our texts can include audio, video, presentations, spreadsheets, documents, files, links, and dynamic web-based materials. All these resources appear within the viewer, which means that readers are not taken to another window or tab. The reading experience is more seamless and integrated then traditional web viewing. Highlighting and note-taking functions are built into our platform. Students can join reading groups where they can share their highlights and notes to increase interaction between learners.

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